From its beginnings as a manufatory of CCTV in 1999, Santex has relied on professional management and strong R&D to grow to its present scale. Today Santex is one of the world leading manufacturers of CCTV, its products are well known for high quality, and it steadily expands into CCTV field to offer fast and flexible service.

Located in New Taipei City, Santex includes its administrative and management divisions, its sales and sourcing centers, as well as its R&D groups. Each project is completed in a step-by-step fashion, executed by seasoned teams with nearly two decades of experience in product research and development. Supported by fast and efficient in-house communications, backed by investment in the latest technologies. In fact, our R&D capability is the key factor that it can easily win customers’ trust.

Over the years, we has learned that a product’s competitiveness is based on quality, cost and on-time delivery. Experienced in forming in-house R&D groups for a varied list of ODM customers – no matter whether their product be cameras, DVR, Mutiplexer, monitors or other newly emerging information products – we can quickly respond to design changes necessitated by a fast changing marketplace. In addition, with its innovative products and creativity, we applied and granted many patents in worldwide.

Throughout the entire process, from the early design phase to the final stages of quality control, we insists on excellence. Relying on the most advanced, precision equipment and technology available, we adheres to the most stringent testing standards. This means that our products are always of the utmost quality.
Our facilities are fully automated and equipped with the latest state-of-the-art equipment. This assures that we always meets its goal of near perfect manufacturing. That’s why it gathers the most up-to-date and accurate industrial intelligence, using it as a resource in seeking technical solutions and product innovation. The manufacturing process is overseen by experienced managers and engineers who thoroughly test each product at every stage of assembly. Prior to delivery, all products undergo a final inspection to assure its quality exceeding the expectations of its customers. We insist on quality has brought it strong sales.
“Exceeding expectations”, “diligence” and “harmony” . . . these are our core values. These will enable us to stay ahead of the times, and to create, new opportunities. Working together, diligently and harmoniously, we will continue to exceed expectations long into the future.